Yoworld Schoolgirl Fashions 2.2.22

Wednesday, 2.2.22

Wednesday, February 2, 2022, or 2.2.22

Challenge 1 for February 2022 is Cuteness Overload. This fashion challenge is about looking cute for school at your hometown.

My first avatar received a 4.2 on her outfit. Dressed in a gray preppy school uniform, with a matching grey headband and eyeglasses, over a cute sailor blouse and skirt, she looks smart with her three different bags—purse, backpack, and messenger bookbag. Pink is her accent color. She dons pink heart/bow dangling earrings, pink ankle socks, and pink high-heel shoes with bows. She carries her iPhone with her to keep in touch with her clients, friends, and family.

My second avatar received a 4.0 on her outfit. She prefers to dress like a cute anime/manga character in soft pastel pink and blue. She wears a light blue sailor dress with pink bow, light blue ankle socks, light blue heart with bows dangling earrings, and white high-heel shoes with bows. Her brown hair is in two cute pigtails. Her accessories are pink—cute pink bunny hat, cute heart-shaped pink earmuffs, and cute pink catface bag. Her entourage best friends are always with her because she is so popular and well-liked.

Which schoolgirl outfit do you prefer?


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