Yoworld Home Decor Challenge: Underground Home

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Challenge 8 in Yoworld is about Bigger and Boulder, which has to do with a home décor challenge for an Elite Underground Cave Home in Arkansas, USA. This room décor is for a Mansion Foyer.

My first avatar received a 5.2; I used Russian items and avatars from the Russian theme for most of the pieces, as well as kept the décor in a red and yellow theme. It has the BOHO style. My avatar is visiting with this Russian family, wearing a purple knit hat and autumn leaf earrings.

My second avatar received a 4.1; her home décor for the Mansion Foyer looks elegant in white and gold. The avatars in this scene are into high fashion. In this scene, my avatar is wearing a trendy outfit and orange beret for a casual but fashionable look.

Which home decor style do you prefer?


What do you think?

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