YoWorld Holi Celebrations Outfit 2022

Tuesday, 3.22.22

I stayed up late last night, watching a movie, although I was mostly falling asleep during the movie. So, I wasn’t really awake. But I was in and out of sleep so that I able to turn of the TV at the end of the movie. I didn’t go to the gym so that my body would rest from yesterday morning’s Pilate reformer class. It was only mild sore. 

The latest Yoworld outfit challenge is for Holi Celebration. My first avatar received 4.1 on her outfit. It involved a sexy dress as well as facial piercings.

I took a snapshot of the back area of the dress, and it looks like the avatar wasn’t wearing any underwear.

My 2nd avatar wore a similar outfit and accessories but in different colors. She received 4.0.

Which overall outfit do you prefer?


What do you think?

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