Yoworld Gangnam Fashionista 2021

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Challenge 5 involves Fashion Style in Gangnam, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. My first avatar received a 4.7/5.8 on her overall fashionable street look. I used the recent hair gift that someone in Yoworld gave me, which is long auburn hair. It kind of looks like a long hair version of my henna hair. She wears a cute blue checkered summer dress with sheer and light coat, blue purse, pink Korean jewelry, heart dangling earrings, and teal high heel sandals. She also wears a lighted colorful cat-ear headband for nightlife partying. She looks sexy.

My second avatar received 4.3/5.8 for her outfit and overall look. She is also ready to party in the nightlife with a glowing lighted skeletal cap, a glowy jellyfish, cute outfit, designer purse, knee-high socks with mary-jane shoes, cute hairstyle and earrings, and a cup of coffee to stay up all night. Her hair actually looks like my hairstyle during my 20s, when my hair was longer and I occasionally used to curl it for soft curly cascading waves.

Which outfit do you prefer?

Moreover, JULY 15 is National Pet Fire Safety Day, encouraging everyone to create a home escape plan to save your pets with your family during disasters. I added other snapshots for animal rights, including an older Yoworld avatar with her pets and kid.

Fight for Animal Rights…

Fight for Wildlife Rights


What do you think?

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