Yoworld December 2021 Outfit Challenge

Friday, 12.3.21

Yoworld Challenge 1 for December 2021. It is sweater weather time, where you are relaxing in your warm and comfy home. In the living, the fireplace is on, and you are sitting on your couch, surrounded by throw pillows and a throw blanket. A cup of hot cacao with vegan marshmallows is by your side on the coffee table. You occasionally sip while reading a good novel.

My first avatar receives 4.7 on her winter white outfit. She has dark hair and blue eyes with polished makeup. Her outfit includes plaid miniskirt, white sweater, fluffy scarf, white hosiery, and fluffy white boots. She also wears fluffy puffy earmuffs and fluffy white fingerless mittens, along with her designer white purse and white dog on a leash.

My second avatar received 4.5 on dark plaid miniskirt, brown sweater, two white fluffy scarves, black and white fluffy boots, fluffy white coat, fluffy white puff earmuffs, designer purse and messenger bag. Her dark hair is in an elegant updo, and his blue eyes had smokey makeup and soft blush.

Which outfit do you prefer?


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