Yoworld Celebrates 11th Anniversary

Saturday, 5.11.19

Saturday, May 11, 2019

I entered Yoworld, Facebook, 2nd World, and noticed that I had three blind mice. I visited four people’s homes to peddle for coins as well as chests/keys.  NikkiJane, Despoina, Grace, and Bobby Jo. Despoina has a nice apartment, while Grace has a nice rustic house by the beach. Bobby Joe just seems to have a simple life, collecting pets and toys. She has an animated unicorn, animated white seal, kitty with party hat, another cat, sleeping dog, teddy bear, and santa doll. I did my regular Yoworld errands, which includes stopping by the Factory to pick up my daily paycheck. My avatar’s job is Engineer. I make 500 coins on a daily basis, but if I add 10 more neighbors, I will be promoted to Line Manager and my salary will rise by 275 coins, although it stated that my current salary is 250 coins. So, I am not sure how this game works. Fat chance for a promotion! This week, I am working on a new theme, which is Yoworld 11th Anniversary, where it transformed from the old Yoville to the New Yo World Order. (There was actually a revolutionary protest on the streets of Yoville, where avatars would dress in the same color monochrome outfits for unity, and protest Yoville issues. Some people actually left for a virtual reality world on the internet. I went there too, but I forgot the name of the site). I go to the Furniture store because I notice there are new items for shopping and decorating for a fancy garden party. I realize I need to buy a new garden space to add to my Yoworld Party Crossroads. Since it is still springtime, the garden parties continue. I notice that the three blind mice have wandered into the garden party, and they seem to be entertaining the guests. It looks like an elegant garden party with surprise guests. I also decided to buy more pool accessories.

I decided to travel to my other Facebook page, in which I have another Yoworld avatar in order to do her rounds. But this other avatar is much older, and she seems to make less coins. So, I call her the “poor avatar,” although she does OK for herself because she is still creative because she makes the most of what she has. She creates the illusion of wealth by shopping around and renovating cheap homes to make it appear more trendy, stylish, and ritzy. I do my usual rounds and errands. I arrive at my New Year’s street corner, where the party seems to continue because there is also some kind of party every month. I noticed Isra dropped by, and he is wearing his Donald Trump disguise. Scary! His apartment is filled with money and gold. It shines brightly like the inside of the Illuminati pyramid. Lucy looks trendy and fashionable, and when I go to her house, I noticed she lives in Downtown area. She seems to live in a luxurious townhouse number 69, probably in the Trump Tower district. It is still wintertime with Xmas décor at Jonsey’s place. I drop by the Factory to pick up my paycheck, and I notice my poor avatar is a Vice President. She needs 2 more neighbors for a promotion to Senior V.P., which will raise her salary to 400 coins. She appears to be slaving from 9 to 5, but she is doing OK for herself. After shopping at the Yo Furniture store, I go to the YoWorld Park to decorate the park. I enter the park to notice changing rooms and showers. There is the pool area with three fun slides and colorful blowup tubes. Then, there is the food court, where there are vending machines and tables. Then, there is an unfinished waterpark section with a water walkway that looks like the pool in one of the Las Vegas hotels. I decided to make some changes so I can add the garden party accessories in this section of the park. Isra appears at my YoWorld Crossroads, and he is now dressed as satan with wings, horns, and trident. He literally looks on FIRE!

I added a snapshot of my Yoworld Crossroads home, where Isra stopped by, and we are just hanging out and chatting. 


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