Yoworld Cali Desert Home 2022

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Yoworld’s Challenge 6—A Hot and Cool Party—amidst a California Desert, inside a cool, airconditioned modern home, involves home décor scene of a lavish modern house with panoramic floor to ceiling windows and rooftop pool and balcony.

My first avatar received 5.0/5.8 rating on the party environment. My avatar is party with her four friends inside the bedroom area, which has a cozy pool, filled with lotus flower lights. My avatar, dressed is green-colored, light fabric pants and shirt, white linen scarf and white sunhat, and white hiking boots, also wears huge black statement earrings.

My second avatar received 4.8/5.8 rating, slightly lower than the first one. My second avatar is dressed in a warm-toned outfit—orange shirt and pants, white linen scarf, plaid beanie, and white hiking boots. She also wears huge statement earrings but in gold. She has a matching orange purse, which matching her outfit. She has prescriptive sunglasses on. She also had collected desert sand, probably for good luck or something. I used different furniture for the bedroom, as well as adding a glass wall separating bedroom from the living space area. I change the layout of the bedroom, as well, adding a bar in the second one.

Which room do you prefer?


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