Workout 11.5.21 & Change Clocks On Sunday

Friday, 11.5.21

Today felt cold, as I drove to the gas station, before going to Woodbridge Village Center. I went to Woodbridge earlier than usual because I wanted to browse inside Barnes and Noble bookstore. They were currently having their closing sale, and everything was 25% OFF. There were a lot of books, magazines, and items. I asked the woman at the desk, and she said this particular store will close in January 2022. The Irvine Company is closing it down because they want to put a preschool in its place. Oh, well, at least there is a large Barnes and Noble at the Irvine Spectrum mall. I might browse inside the store again during the holidays, at the end of this month and the end of December. 

At 6 pm, only 5 people showed up. It was cold this evening. I walked 5.2 miles and 12,911 steps. It was dark quickly. 

On Sunday, November 7th, Daylight Saving Time ends.


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