Workout 11.26.21

Friday, 11.26.21

Today, I decided to check out what is going on in the mall on Black Friday. I went there at 1 pm, and the indoor mall was very crowded. It look like the mecca for bargain shoppers. It looked like everyone in Orange County was at the mall for the Black Friday sales. It was good to see everyone out living their life again. Everyone was calm and normal. The window displays were filled with metallic fashions of gold, silver, sequins, as well as shiny fabrics and embellishments. It was all about celebrations and parties during the holidays. What parties? I found 2 items 40% off and 50% off. 

It was warm and sunny today at 81 degrees F.

At 3:30pm, I decided to go home because I want to change my clothes for this evening’s walking meetup. 

At 6pm, I drove to the Woodbridge Meetup. Only 3 people showed up. The weather cooled down. But we walked a lot. I walked 8.2 miles, 18,194 steps, and 1 floor.

I returned home at 8 pm. 


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