Workout 11.19.21

Friday, 11.19.21

This morning, at 10am, I went to the gym. First, I went inside the steam room to steam my face, but I noticed the steam wasn’t as thick as it was during the last time I was in this steam room. Someone must have reduced the steam amount. Then, I sat inside the sauna for a while.

I walked the Monterey Coastal Trail on the treadmill. It was 75 minutes long, 5 miles and I burned 789 calories.

I returned home to eat a steamed veggie dish. I noticed that the Association have put up Xmas decorations in the neighborhood–mostly large deer statues, large wreathes, and some poinsettias. 

At 6:30pm, I went to Woodbridge Meetup. 7 people showed up. I walked 5 miles and 11,589 steps. It was cold this evening. 

I walked 10 miles in total today. 


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