Workout 11.16.21

Tuesday, 11.16.21

Tuesday evening was my outdoor workout meetup. I drove at 6 pm to the Woodbridge Village Center. As I was driving, I noticed that the traffic has been increasing back to “normal,” or at least similar to before when everything was “normal.” That is a good sign for society. When I arrived at the meetup area, 20 people had showed up, and there were also four dogs, for this walk. The weather was kind of cold, and I was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. I got used to the last couple of days’ exceptionally warm summertime weather. But this is normal weather for Southern California. Every day has different weather conditions, and it often changes from hot to cold and cold to hot, which is how I used to sometimes get sick with a minor flu. Afterwards, some people stayed at the center for a snack, meal, or frozen yogurt. I decided to drive to Albertsons because Gumby was out of cat litter. When I arrived at the grocery store, the shelf was out of stock of Worlds Best Litter. One of the clerk told me to check again in two days. Meanwhile, I ended buying another brand for a while as well as small sample-sized bottle of Fireball cinnamon whiskey to spike my morning coffee. It has natural cinnamon flavor.

I had walked 4.9 miles and 12,662 steps that evening. I returned home, relaxed in my cozy winter nightgown, and made some stovetop popcorn and Chamomile tea. 


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