Workout 11.15.21

Monday, 11.15.21

I woke up early today, and I didn’t have a sleep hangover. I got ready for my gym workout. It was warm outside, with a bright sunshine that I wore my sunglasses while driving at 9:15am. 

I started my workout with the steam room and sauna. The steam inside the steam room was stronger than usual that it looked like a thick, London fog. As I opened the door, I slowly entered, trying to make out if anyone is inside because it looked like I was walking into nothingness. But I finally noticed a man sitting inside the sauna. I stood there for a couple of minutes to steam my face. I didn’t want to sit down because it is all wet. After a while, I got out of the steam room and went inside the sauna to dry out my perspired face and body. 

Then, I went to the third floor for the Zumba class. It isn’t easy to keep up. So, I tend to improvise on the step in order to keep moving with whatever steps comes naturally for me, as I attempt to keep up with the instructor.  After one hour of Zumba, I went on the stationary bicycle for 30 minutes. 

I left at 11:29 am, driving home on a sunny November morning. 


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