Workout 11.12.21

Friday, 11.12.21

Today’s weather was warm in the 80s and 90s–actually going up to 95 degrees in the afternoon. I didn’t know what I should wear for the evening walking meetup. So, I wore a hoodie sweatshirt, just in case the weather cooled down. At 6 pm, 7 people showed up. The weather was still warm, and Woodbridge Village Center was very active and social. It felt like summertime. I ended up walking 4 miles and 10,675 steps. 

I returned home and snacked on stovetop popcorn while internet surfing. 

An hour later, I decided to watch 2 Polanski movies, Chinatown and Rosemary’s Baby, on the indie channel. They are both interesting because they are classics. I seem to be going back to old classic movies these days. Current movies seem to bore me. 


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