Workout 10.8.21 Continued…

Friday, 10.8.21

It was sunny all afternoon. But by 5 pm, it started to cool down and it felt like autumn weather again. (This is California weather. Every day, the weather is often different, and sometimes changes dramatically, which I think is typical of tropical weather). I wore my puffy jacket over my gym clothes that I was already wearing from this morning’s gym workout. Only 4 people showed up today, although 6 signed up. 

I walked 5.1 miles, 11,715 steps, and 2 floors on this Woodbridge walk. 

This morning, I had walked 1.72 miles on the treadmill. Therefore, I actually walked 6.82 miles. 

I returned home, thinking about getting a haircut tomorrow, mostly because my grey roots are growing out, and I need to color my grey roots. 


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