Woodbridge Evening Meetup 8.6.21

Friday, 8.6.21

I watched the Summer Olympics in the morning. Today is the last day of the Tokyo Olympics 2021. The Closing Ceremony will be on Sunday. I had fun watching Synchronized Artistic Swimming and Gymnastics. Skateboarding and Surfing was also interesting. I also noticed that the Wall Climbing is now considered a sport. 

At 5:30 pm, I drove to the Woodbridge Walking Meetup. 9 people showed up. The weather was nice and breezy that it didn’t feel like August weather. It felt more like springtime. It was a very relaxing and comfortable walk. Since I was leading the walk, I walked fast and everyone said the walk went by fast. We finished 5 miles within an hour and a half. I stayed with 3 others, just standing and chatting in the parking lot for thirty minutes. 

When I arrived home at 8:15 pm, I noticed I walked 5.3 miles and 10,552 steps.


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