Why picking up the guitar is the best therapy for the mind and soul

Out of all the musical instruments out there, one certainly cannot deny the fact that the guitar is the most appealing of them all. Lot of people see it as simply a form of escapism while other people tend to look at it a lot more seriously, almost equating it to a religion that they practice every day. Even though that might sound like a bit of a stretch for a lot of people out there, you can be sure of the fact that it is true.

Have you never wondered why musicians and guitarists in particular are a lot more happy and cheerful in life? It’s not just the music they are playing, but also the positive and lasting effect that it is having on their mental and physical well-being. No two ways about that, really. Not only does one develop a keen and refreshing sense of personal achievement as time passes by, but once you get into the feel of the instrument, it will stay with you for many years to come. You need not have any doubt of that fact.

hether you are checking out a new piano shop in Manchester or hunting around for the best guitars in Manchester provided by Music Direct, you certainly need to know everything special about the notoriously famous axe. Here are the top five reasons why picking up the guitar might just end up being the best thing you ever did:-

  • It is an emerging form of therapy: Nowadays, many people have realised that playing the guitar doesn’t just enhance one’s motor skills and their memory, but it goes a long way in dealing with stress in the long run and dealing with the hardships of life on an everyday basis. Many guitarists have stated that when faced with extremely stressful situations, playing the guitar helps them reset to zero and makes them more hardy to deal with any problems that come their way.
  • It is beneficial for your heart and keeps blood pressure at bay: However strange this may sound at first, multiple studies and ample research have found this aspect to be true. Especially in the Netherlands where music therapy is an integral part of general health care. Practising for a good one-and-a-half to two hours on a daily basis goes a long way in maintaining a lower heart rate and blood pressure as well.
  • Your mind becomes more sharp and receptive to new things: Rest assured of the fact that more than enough studies across the board have proven this fact. Not only does this make you more excited to learn more on your instrument, but doing so will also help you build up a substantial amount of overall mental health and resilience for the future
  • It is a great way to break the ice and meet new people: Stumped about starting a conversation with people you’ve just been introduced to? Not anymore! Even a look at the guitar case is enough for someone to take an interest in you and start a conversation. On that note, definitely be sure to carry your guitar everywhere.
  • Creating a work of art that you can call your very own: All the previous points are really a build-up to this one, which is the crowning jewel of playing an instrument. That is, becoming a true artist after years of hard work and perseverance. Nothing compares to the joy of creating a piece of music that you can call your very own.

Finally, it is completely up to you which particular instrument strikes your fancy enough to give it a go and pursue it to the very end. Every instrument out there has something special that will latch onto you and never let go. It all depends on your specific wants and preferences in general. If it happens to be the guitar for you, then so be it. You have an amazingly fascinating journey to look forward to.

Most of all, the twin aspects of practice and perseverance are more important than ever. Especially in a digital world full of nothing but distractions galore, one needs to be completely aware of where they stand with their guitar playing and what they hope to achieve. There have been enough instances of people in their late 40s and 50s being extremely thankful of the fact that they picked up the guitar at a young age and can play at such a late phase of their life.


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