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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Today, I was browsing on Youtube, looking for interesting videos to watch. I thought this Archangel video sounded interesting. Before the Archangel reading started, I decided to pick the White Wings, but I liked all the wings and the blue wings gave me a serene feeling. So, I decided to watch the whole video for fun, but concentrate on the white wings with an accent on the blue wings. I will summarize these four wings readings.

White Wings are from Archangel Gabriel. It has to do with Koi Fish, which indicates there is always enough. You are talented, and you are on a spiritual mission. Your conflicts may include you aren’t sure about your talents. Embrace your uniqueness. Signs include bluebird, indicating gentle help, hawk indicating a strong vision and guardianship, and bonsai indicating discipline for growth and expansion. Shed the old for new growth. Veil is parting. You are loved, and love never dies. Angles bring luck your way because they surround you all the time.

The Blue Wings are from Archangel Michael. It has to do with Groundhog spirit, letting go, and material happiness. You hold the power to your own powerful mind. You crave a new beginning. And, there nesting promise and hope. Angels will provide unexpected help. Just let go. You are a powerful and strong force. You just need to look at a different perspective to let go of any negative thinking. You will resolve conflicts. Use your strong intuition because the angels are surrounding you to help you. Signs include birds as messengers, indicating angels are connecting with you. Feathers is a sign of support, help, and guidance. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Purple Wings are from Archangel Uriel. It is about shedding the past. It has to do with Cat spirit, which is about claiming your independence. Enjoy life’s pleasures. You have the power. Trust in your own nobility. Attend to your own needs. Something new is entering your life. Protect oneself. There is a fertile new role. Shed the old to prepare for the new. There will be a healing and balance. Birds are messengers from angels. Meditate and connect in nature. Be creative for growth. Remain present and positive.

Green Wings are from Archangel Raphael. It is about healing old wounds. It has to do with Koala Bear. There is a plan. Archangel Michael gives you the power to heal. You will achieve success and victory, like a fresh wind and breeze. New surprises and understanding. Signs include red-winged black bird. Pursue what you need. Nuts represent a new version. Bonsai indicates discipline. Emotional protection. Blue moon represents a rare opportunity. Use your intuition because you are protected and not alone. Move around, whether dancing and walking, in order to move forward in life. Spread your wings and fly. Feather indicates you are guided by angels.


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