What Will Trial Verdict Be?

Sunday, 5.29.22

I watched this whole ridiculously comical trial on Youtube. I wasn’t planning on watching it because it is so stupid, and it reminded me of the Brian/Gabby Psy-Op dark cult story on Youtube, promoting the same agenda–abusive women with pussy men and mental illness. But Brian and Gabby are nobody, most likely just crisis actors for the dark cult. They are both ordinary looking–Gabby is a fat blonde girl and Brian is a slight body with bald head; they were likely chosen for their role because they were relatable to ordinary people in society. Who knows if they are really dead or just alive hiding, regardless of their story. If they are really dead, they were likely ritually sacrificed after they performed their role for the Youtube viewers, who were entertained by their weird movie that didn’t make sense. 

But I decided to watch this second one because I noticed similar Illuminati symbolism and other dark cult symbolism in this trial evidence. Both couples work for the dark cult. There were many inconsistencies in this trial, which was mostly by the Amber Heard Team because her lawyers didn’t even know how to defend Amber’s lies. They were all over the place, and they sounded like a hot mess. It was confusing and entertaining watching them because they appeared to be comedians, not lawyers. They weren’t even professionals. Maybe they were actors hired to play lawyers. They also had a weird witness, who claimed to be a psychiatrist, but he acted like a mental patient who recently escaped from mental institution and this team hired him as an actor to play a shrink in their lame movie. Another woman, Hughes, seemed strange, but I don’t even remember what her role was as a witness. 

On the other hand, Depp’s lawyers and witnesses were very professional, organized, and made sense. Johnny Depp is a rich actor, who can afford to hire the best lawyers. But I think Amber Heard was given money from her ex-bf Elon Musk to help her pull this off. It is a all a part of the Hollywood agenda to promote such shit to the masses. 

Now that this is over, we are likely to see a new couple promoting a similar storyline all over the internet–Youtube–and mainstream TV.  I hope not because I am likely to watch this crap for entertainment purpose in order to look for symbolism and inconsistencies. 

And, one more think, let’s not forget that shitting on household furniture is a form of Illuminati symbolism.

#2 JURY REACTIONS! Court Witness: Who They Think Will Win Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial

This second video is this Youtuber’s Part 2 Video with a young guy who was in the court, and he has some inside information.

Wow, the two jurors that were pulled out were Johnny Depp supporters. It is proof that this whole thing is staged, which includes who remains on the jury.

This verdict will likely be staged so that Amber wins, even though no one has heard of her before, as well as no one likes her.

But this video is also guessing, based on the young guy who was actually in the court, from being there and watching the court action, as well as everyone's actions. 

If Amber Heart does win, which is likely to get her face out; at least now, people know who she is, even though she is now 36 years old, chubby, and plain-looking. I am sure when she was younger, in her 20s, she was thin and better looking, which didn't even help her with her acting career when she had youth and looks. She should now prepare for her new future acting career with a stage name, Amber Turd because she finally created a name for herself, worldwide on the Internet as well as on TV, for her agenda, which was set up with her ex-bf Elon Musk, and her #MePooMovement which made her infamous worldwide. Congratulations, Amber Turd, you finally became a famous actress at 36!


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