What really happened to Cheslie Kryst?

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Cheslie Kryst was born on April 28, 1991 in Jackson, Michigan to African America mother and Polish American father. She has 4 brothers and one sister. She died on January 30, 2022, NYC, NY at 30. She has a BS from University of South Carolina and a JD and MBA from Wake Forest University School of Law in North Carolina. She was Miss USA 2019, and she also represented USA at Miss Universe 2019 Competition but came in the top ten. She is also a television correspondent and a model. 

There were 3 males standing behind her in her apartment. A family male friend wanted to groom her for pageants. He often advised her for her life path.  He was very professional businessman, like a manager or agent. Her mother wanted it for her, as well. She was split into two people to do different jobs. This grooming was preplanned for her to go in different directions. She was split in her personality.

Late night hidden business meetings for her to go into different directions.

Around 2 months to 4 weeks before she died, she wanted to back out of one of the contracts with the second businessman. She was set up and lied to. She started seeing things for what they really were, and she didn’t want to do any of that anymore. She was betrayed in the contract. She was tricked into it because she wasn’t given all the information. She was put in a double bind, and they had to kill her because she wanted out. 

She wanted to change her life. She wanted to go into a different direction. She was completely disillusioned.

She died a lonely person. People she thought were her friends and family weren’t really her friends and family. Three men in the apartment with her, and someone in the hall. She might have been drugged. She is connected to Oprah Winfrey. She was double binded and double crossed out of her life. She was trying to get out of a cage, and she was stuck, bound in a cage, and she couldn’t get out. Her family set her up for this career, and she just went along. She was bisexual, but she always liked women.

Oprah speaks about her in order to pull her consciousness back down here on earth. 

Her time was running out. She was afraid. She didn’t want all this to happen. She enjoyed it, but she didn’t want to do it anymore. She was always being watched and controlled. She wasn’t allowed to live her own life. She had a different mindset. It was all contrived, and it was deceptive. They still speak about her in order to bind her back here.  She backed out of signing to something else, and they killed her.


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