What I Watched on Netflix This Week-Prometheus

Generally I watch one or two shows or movies on Netflix every week. I still get it through the mail, so I don’t watch a lot. A few nights ago I watched Prometheus with my boyfriend. Most of it was ok, I generally enjoy science fiction, books more so than movies.

Spoilers ahead. The basic story is about aliens seeding human life on Earth, and then deciding to destroy them through biological warfare. The plot is of course easy to figure out, and it’s good for entertainment if you like that sort of thing. I really wasn’t disappointed in the plot, just the gross parts in the movie, which I generally don’t care for.

I just didn’t care much for this movie. I wish they would make more positive alien types of movies. Why do they usually have to be bad guys? If you like Ancient Aliens, you will probably like this movie. Unless you don’t like semi-horror flicks, in which case you won’t like it. Which is the case for me. Next time I will research a movie more thoroughly before I watch it.


What do you think?


Written by riverwild

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