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Want some chilling music? (blog)

A couple of months ago I started making a new gmail account in which I’m going to start my new youtube channel. I’ve been looking for some good niche before I start making videos and I recently notice that I should make a music channel which I will provide free copyrighted musics. Yesterday, I uploaded 1 video already and it covers a chilling/relaxing music. It took me about 30 minutes to create that video even though the video is simple it covers a lot of work before it was uploaded.

There are a lot of free copyrighted music channels and they are very popular, I don’t even know how could I grow this channel but for my opinion I just keep on uploading and wait for miracles to happen.

If you want to support my channel please subscribe to my growing channel and listen to the musics while surfing the internet or making stories at virily 🙂 that would be really great!

I will be planning to upload 15 videos per week if possible or even more videos so that I could grow fast.Thank you guys and talk to you all later 🙂


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Written by Kent David


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