Walking on an Autumn Evening…

Friday, 9.24.21

At 5.20pm, I noticed the rainstorm storm, and it suddenly became very quiet. The ground looked like it was drying up. I went on the Meetup site, and noticed that walking meetup wasn’t cancelled. So, I changed my clothes and drove to Woodbridge community. 4 people showed up. It was cool and crispy, like typical autumn weather. It was nice to walk in autumn. Some areas were still wet. There were some people walking out as well as others walking their dogs. 

I ended up walking 4.4 miles, 11,881 steps, and 3 floors. I think the 3 floors are probably from my morning gym workout because I walked up 3 flight of stairs to the Zumba class room. 

I returned home at 8 pm to drink some cold green apple mineral water and stovetop popcorn. 


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