Walking Meetup 5.8.20

Friday, 5.8.20

I woke up early enough to take out the trash before the garbage truck came, probably by Gumby the alarm clock wanted to each his breakfast. At 5pm, I decided to go early to the Woodbridge area for the walking meetup because I needed to check Grocery Outlet for cat food. I did buy cat food for Gumby as well as smoothie powders for me. I got out of Grocery Outlet at 6 pm, just in time for the walking meetup. But I had to quickly drop my stuff in the car. It was a nice breezy day, although I was still sweating.

On my walk, I found 5 stones, painted like easter eggs. 

Another teddy bear was keeping watch on the metal fence. 

There were interesting artworks hanging…

A cute rabbit was relaxing in nature…

A woman with a white cockatoo or parrot…

The area was busy with walkers, cyclists, and dog walkers. People are fed up with this lockdown.

Lots of goslings and ducklings…as well as baby turtles swimming in the lake.

I walked 5.2 miles and 11,258 steps around two lakes . I ate a kiwi I brought with me in my purse. 


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