Walking Meetup 11.2.21

Tuesday, 11.2.21

Another morning that I woke up tired and decided not to go to the gym. The beginning of November is starting to appear like a slow one. I did some research, most of the time. At 6 pm, I decided to drive to the Turtle Rock walking meetup. 7 people showed up. It was cold this evening. It is a good thing I wore my puffy jacket and knit slouchy hat. I tripped twice in the dark. Once in the parking lot, on those cement parking things on the ground. And, again, while walking on a sidewalk path. I don’t know what happened, maybe the sidewalk was crooked or something. But I was OK. I ended up walking 4.5 miles, 9,408 steps, and 16 floors. During the walk, I noticed a huge lighted happy ghost on someone’s front lawn. He looked excited that Halloween was over, ready for Thanksgiving and Xmas. 


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