Videos Expose Chrissy Teigen

Friday, 5.21.21

I suddenly noticed videos about Chrissy Teigen on Youtube. She appears to be one of those T&A models trying to get attention on Youtube. I am not even sure what she does for a living because I have never seen any of her work before. I am not even sure who are her fans. Maybe horny and lonely men who cannot get it up, and maybe she excites them. But I checked out some videos, which displays she appears to be going downhill because no one now wants to work with her.

She is also probably promoting the usual garbage they promote in code words, such as pizza, which probably has to do with pedophilia.

She is starting to remind me of another weird celebrity, Armie Hammer, and his weird tweets. So, it is obvious they are both doing all this on purpose.

#1 Candace Owens torches ‘woke’ Chrissy Teigen for ‘attacking’ teenager online

Candace Owens exposes Chrissy Teigen about all the crap that she tweets toward other people. She cyber bullies and harasses other people, I guess, for her own entertainment or she must be jealous. I am not sure what kind of model she was, but she isn’t even physically attractive. She was probably one of those playboy or men’s magazine T&A models, I am assuming.

#3 Uncovering Chrissy Teigen’s Disturbing Deleted Tweets

Another video examines Chrissy Teigen’s mentally ill tweets. She appears to be crying out for attention. For one thing, I have never been aware of Chrissy Teigen or her work, before noticing these videos about her tweets.  

She ended up leaving twitter. I wonder if she was kicked out from twitter?

I have never heard of Courtney Stodden either. Maybe Chrissy is jealous of Courtney because Courtney is white.

#4 Chrissy Teigen Cancelled by Hollywood Over Bullying Scandal

This video displays of some of Chrissy Teigen’s cookware that have now been taken out from Target and Macys, and Bloomingdales refuses to do business with her.

Target still sells her cookbooks, but she gets terrible reviews.

Chrissy also tweeted Lindsay Lohan about doing something with Emma Stone. She also tweeted nasty comments to someone named Farrah Abraham.

She even tweeted something about Sarah Palin. No one likes Sarah Palin anyway, but why is she bringing up some old battleax in politics now?


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