Vedic Predictions for July 2020

Sunday, July 12, 2020

I check out another video of Vedic Astrology Predictions for July 2020.

Integration. July 9th to September: lots of changes and transformations. Lots of chaos going to happen, as well as truth being exposed.

Reflection and pausing to focus on emotions and intuition. Think about everything in a deep way.

Many things will feel like they are going backwards. You might not be able to function fully.

Society’s progress will be backwards. The past will come back. Many things will be dismantled.

Lots of explosive events globally.

Even more idiots, I mean people, will be waking up because they are fed up with all the shit, especially the satanic Zionist elites.

There will be real change. Transformations things for the long run.

Media Wars coming together. Be careful what kind of information you are listening to because it sounds that there will be a lot of fake news.

But you will be more productive on a daily basis.

Many things will be popping up. Things we have worked on in the past will flourish and you will likely experience success.

Work on confidence because you need to work on accomplishing your goals in order to be successful.

Spiritual Warrior involves seeing things deeply. Exposing things and resisting.

We will feel like we are going backwards, which will become confusing trying to figure out what is true or lie.

Think about what will last in your life, and work on that…

Important to be spiritual, and come together as one to fight the Zionist elites who what to enslave the whole world under One World Government, controlled by toxic vaccines and microchip.

Chaos and uprisings will happen.

Be careful what you are thinking about as well as your actions.


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