Understanding the Background of Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

There is no much feeling than to master the art of learning how to play the guitar. I am glad to say that my first guitar was Cordoba, and I am still playing Cordoba; it has indeed won my heart over. I’ve performed at a lot of venues all over the Gulf region. From what I’ve learned and experienced, I have the following tips to share for new learners.

Age is just a number

There’s a myth that says you cannot learn to play the guitar once you’ve passed your 40’s. I’ve students who are way in their 40’s and have learned to play without any difficulty. Do not let this wrong concept get in your idea of something that could make you happy.

Instead, spend your time thinking about ideas to manage your time better to practice and give your passion room to grow. Once you set your goal to learn, arrange objectives and maintain the practice, you have next to zero chance of failure.

Chose the right time to play

You don’t need to practice for 20 hours a day; instead, manage the time to practice for at least 2 hours daily to learn quickly. Chose a time when you’re not frustrated, already worked up, or you’re just not feeling like playing. Take a few moments before starting the practice to settle down and tell yourself why you want to learn to play this magical instrument.

Once you are motivated from within and have a clear mind to go ahead, only then start. Another effective way of choosing the right time is to try with a few timing and select one which works best for you. Since it’s a new thing and it needs proper concentration, you should give time to your body and mind for getting used to it.

Anyone can play

There are two categories of acoustic guitars; nylon-stringed and steel-stringed. They both have different tones and can be played differently. But you don’t necessarily need to have any particular skill to learn how to play, other than the willingness of learning.

First things first, learn the guitar chords properly. You should memorise the chords as well as they can be at the top of your mind and the tip of your fingers. While you play, make sure your fingers are not placed on the frets; instead, put them in the middle of it. You should also be sure that you have a gap between your fingers which will help you learn the tones more clearly.

Which guitar to choose and how much to spend

Cordoba guitars come in all sizes and shapes, and they can become your ultimate companion. They can start as low as $99 and going as high $4000. It all depends on your budget. While it’s my personal favourite, other brands offer excellent quality acoustic guitars. To name a few; there are Maton acoustic guitars which are in the music industry for a long time, starting in 1946. There is also C. F. Martin and Company, manufacturer of Martin acoustic guitars that are widely popular.

I recommend taking a mid-range guitar to start with and grow with time to a pro version. Picking the right guitar to buy is like choosing your weapon, so decide carefully. Consider your taste, the guitar’s adjustability, compatibility, and of course, the sound.

Keep in mind that “bigger” does not mean better because smaller ones can give you the same level of sound. Yes, research and take suggestions but do try the guitar before purchasing; let the guitar choose you. Something that appeals to me or others; might not be interesting to you since we all have our sense of taste. So I leave you the leader of your weapon, pick it wisely.

Where to purchase

There is no holding you once you have decided to buy your acoustic guitar, so let’s look for the right places to buy it from. It is always smart to ask your fellow music lovers in the area. While you’re on that, consider going with the shop that has excellent after-sales service; because buying a guitar is like an investment, and it will improve as you become pro.

When selecting a guitar shop for buying your favourite guitar keep in mind a few matters that the store should have. They should have excellent reviews in the region and ship to all significant gulf regions with minimum cost. Are they distributors of a few brands which make it extremely competitive in their pricing? Make sure in getting spare parts and repairing your favourite guitar is not a difficulty for these experts as it is their day-to-day job.

When you are aiming to select a guitar shop, make sure they have guitars from almost all of the reputable brands, whether it’s an acoustic, electric, classical, or bass guitar. It helps you to check all brands guitars in together, and you will select the appropriate one for you. After considering all of the above matters, then purchase your favourite and dream guitars.

The condition of a guitar

Once you do own a guitar (congratulations), it is time to maintain the instrument and keep it in good condition. A guitar is like your buddy, and the friendship between the two of you needs regular contact and care. Temperate and storage play an essential role in maintaining your favourite guitar. Acoustic guitars tend to swell when humidity increases; but, minor changes in the temperature would not harm it.

In case your guitar is shown to extreme temperatures, let it cool off before playing. It will help you prevent cracks in that beautiful wood finish.

Wrapping up

Now that you understand all about where to start, where to buy, and how to maintain your guitar, it is time you take the first step toward that exhilarating adventure. Learning to play the guitar and create music is like a diet for the soul. Remember that there is no better day than today to start. Good Luck!


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