Turtle Rock Hike

Tuesday, 6.1.21

I drove to the Turtle Rock walking meetup. 12 people showed up. I was walking too fast, as usual, and I ended up being far ahead of everyone. I had to occasionally stop and wait. It is a hilly residential area, comprised of expensive looking large homes. I ended up walking 4.2 miles, 9,436 steps, and 13 floors. The weather was nice, and it was light out until 8:30pm. I didn’t feel like eating out later because I wasn’t hungry. I decided to drive back home.  I made a cup of herb tea, instead. 

I feel energized after a fast-paced walk. 

I returned home and noticed the 2019 version of Little Women was going to start at 9 pm. I decided to watch it because I didn’t see this versions. I have seen the older versions, and they were many. 


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