Torn, a 2007 UK Film movie review

Saturday, June 13, 2020

I watched another movie on Youtube. Torn is a 2007 UK film about a family of three small kids who go to the beach to have fun, and one of their kids is abducted. 11 years later, the real mother still wonders where her daughter is, while her daughter has a new life with the abducted family. The real parents think their abducted daughter died at the beach, maybe drowned in the ocean. The biological mother keeps looking for her daughter in every teenage girl she sees. One day, she follows the teenage girl to an apartment building but doesn’t talk to her. Another day, she tries to talk to her, but her abducted father calls the police. She is sure this girl is her missing daughter because she knows her daughter didn’t die. But no one will believe her.

The abducted mother finally looses it and admits she abducted a young girl on the beach. The biological mother takes DNA tests, which confirms the teenage girl is her real daughter. The teenage girl is returned to her real parents, and the teenage girl starts to remember her real mother.

It is an emotional film, between all sides. The teenage girl is torn between her biological mother and abducted mother. The father has an affair with a coworker. The whole family is torn, both the real family and the other woman and her husband.

This movie was inspired by a true story.


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