Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony 2021

Sunday, 8.8.21

Today is New Moon, Lion’s Gate Portal Day. It is also National Cat Day.  This morning, I watched some Summer Olympics games, mostly Group Rhythmic Gymnastics. They performed floor exercises, using hoops and batons, which looked more like a circus performance, like a Cirque du Soleil act.

At 5 pm, the Closing Ceremony started. It was nice. Tokyo looks sophisticated, with lighted performances and fireworks, as well as dancing and singing, but it was done at a minimum. It looked very clean. It was nice to watch. It was an hour and a half long, but I think there is an encore replay later for the people who missed the 5 pm event. 

The next Summer Olympics will be in Paris, France in 2024. (I wonder what Paris, France will be like in 2024 because right now there are a lot of protests against the vaccines, vaccine passports, and Macron’s dictatorship). But the Winter Olympics is in 6 months in 2022. 

I haven’t gone to the gym for two weeks. But I did go on walking meetups. I also need to search for new sneakers. I am considering Xero sneakers.


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