Tips for Planning Your Super Bowl Party

The year begins with a commitment to great goals for our health. However, the first days of February relieve us from the pressure of these resolutions when the Super Bowl is approaching.

Some want to make the right plays while some get an excuse to party and get some junk food. Your first Super Bowl party should be a win and this article will outline some helpful tips for success.

The Food

No one should fail to eat on Super Bowl Sunday. The option of food should take care of everyone. Include options for people who are lactose intolerant, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Classic Super Bowl dishes include burgers and wings. You can add healthy options such as veggie trays and salads to the dishes.

Super Bowl Sunday deserves a unique take on its planning. The food, décor, and activities should be well-thought-out. The guests have dietary and entertainment needs that expect to be met on that day. Create the menu with these thoughts in mind.

The Drinks

Everyone needs to find a beverage they like. Get two rival cocktails, some beers, and non-alcoholic options. Find a way of keeping the bottled beverages cool. You will need ice to put into the drinks of tour guests and one for cooling the bottled beverages. Highlands Forty One Wine can be a one-stop point for the wines on your Super Bowl Sunday.

Virtual Reality

Give your guests virtual reality headsets. You can tell them to bring their own if they can. Remember to disinfect them before giving them to the next user.

Plan Your Layout

The atmosphere of the Super Bowl Party depends on how you will strategize your layout. Ensure you have a lounge area where the guest will watch the game at. The television screens will be in this area. The dining area should be out of the way but not far from the lounge.

Children will be attending and they will need their space away from the main activities. Consider creating space for adults who might not be interested in the game. If possible, ensure that you plan the venue so the guests are able to see the game at all times.

Swag Bags

If you are planning for a high-end Super Bowl party you might need a swag bag. For items such as stadium blankets and seasonal candles, you should choose designer brands. Give out football-themed gifts and officially-licensed NFL gear.

Get Professional Servers

The event needs to be polished. The professional servers will make the Super Bowl party run smoothly. They will be keeping the food warm, and ensure that they clean what needs cleaning. Consider getting a cake or hiring a caterer who can provide all the services at your event.

The Seating

Every guest should find comfortable seating. Find creative ways of giving everyone a seat in front of the screen. Add to the seating capacity using pallets of a blanket and large pillows. Everyone will be happy if they have a place to seat when they will be watching the game.


Organize for heavy meat or carb-based appetizers. If you opt for a salad, fill it with peppers and carrots so that they add color to the salad. Let the professional servers pass the appetizers across the room regularly.

In case you will be having a buffet-style setting, ensure that the table is close enough to the lounge so that the guest can still watch the game from where they sit.

Football-Shaped Desert

Use a cookie cutter and white icing to create football-shaped cake pops. Get creative with designing the cookies. Use black icing with a white stripe to create uniforms on the cookies. Stadium snack packs are also essential for an individual meal experience. Let the guests mix the snacks for themselves.

Hang Balloons and Streamers

Use the balloons and streamers to create a grand entrance. You can also hang them from the ceiling to create visual complexity. Fill in gaps on the walls using these accessories. Consider referee-themes décor if you do not want to do more of football.

Safety Tips

Avoid serving alcohol in the third quarter of the game. Beyond this time, serve dessert and coffee. Some guests might want to drive while impaired and you can make arrangements with local cab companies on how to get them home safely.

At a Super Bowl party, you will watch the game, socialize and have some great food. Start the party two hours before the game begins so that your guest have time to arrive, eat and mingle.


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