Five Ways to Make a Home Theater Room a Place Everyone Wants to Be In

It’s pretty typical for Hollywood films to open with dramatic music. Seeing Star Wars on a big screen in a dark room while the opening theme plays evoke feelings of being transferred to a galaxy far, far away.

When I was a kid, I would go to the movies and buy overpriced popcorn to experience that. Home theaters are now more affordable than ever as technology advances, and high definition becomes more widely available. These five tips will let you have a real movie theater experience without spending a ton of money. Oh, and the popcorn is free.


Is there one item you must have in every home theater? Probably movie posters. A home theater allows you to customize as much as you wish with posters that pay deference to the best of cinema, whereas theater posters are strictly restricted to the hallways and lobbies. Cover the interior barn doors of your theater with the posters of your choice.

Online retailers carry reproduction prints of posters at low prices. You can also look around on eBay for original posters if you want to take an extra step. Classic poster art can cost much more than $15 reproductions since printed on higher quality paper and is limited in quantity. You should always frame posters and originals, even if they are inexpensive. A simple black frame will improve the presentation of any poster.


In your home theater, you’ve built an incredible experience where you’ve created a breathtaking screen, lighting, sound, and art. For exploring distant galaxies, it is the ideal dark cave. But not quite. Pop some popcorn first. A popcorn machine will add a unique touch to your theater by adding the aroma of delicious popcorn.

It’s not necessary to stick with a popcorn vending machine because you can also opt for other types of snack vending machines. What about incorporating a snack bar into your popcorn concession? Build an ice-cold mini-fridge for anything you need to keep ice cold, as well as a bar in the corner of your theater if you prefer alcohol to popcorn.


A 60-inch plasma TV can’t compete with the greatness of movie theater screens. If you’re building a smaller home theater, you might want to opt for a conventional HDTV. If you’re going to get the feel of an actual movie theater at home, a projection screen and projector combo are best. High contrast ratio projectors have accurate colors, bright bulbs add a vibrant image, and 1080p video helps video look better. Mount your projector on the ceiling and pick out a screen that fits your room.

A projector can fill an 8-foot diagonal screen. With that upgrade over a plasma or LCD HDTV, you can enjoy your home theater setup like a real theater. If you want to reproduce colors or create an adequate theater experience, a white wall with a giant projection screen beats the projector hands down.


Comfort is the key to a good home theater. You can’t create the same experience as watching a movie in a theater without comfortable seating. With a bit of extra cash, you can grab some seats that are just as comfy as those padded seats we enjoy so much at the movies.

When it comes to choosing theater seating, there is good and bad news. On the positive side, there are a lot of options to choose from. Sadly, most of them are not inexpensive. With flip-up rockers and thick padding, you can choose chairs that are a direct replica of the ones in the theatre. With luxuries like the power-reclining chairs, it can be more comfortable than a movie theater, but this is your private theater. Home theater couches are even an option.


There are a lot of ways to set up surround sound. You don’t have to buy a home theater in a box, including all the speakers and a receiver, to tie it all together. You can choose your own speakers (an individual set) and a receiver to tie it all together. Indeed, speakers make sound, but the next component in our three-part setup is our home entertainment system, which handles all the high-def audio and video we need for the theater.


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