Timeline Jumping

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Hiking adventures. Timeline jumping?

Bob Saget was murdered because he was starting to talk and expose stuff to make things right for him.

Jewelry with ashes.

Timeline Jumping is when someone wasn’t supposed to be dead yet. Their death quickened. Multiple stories going on at different timeline. You can get caught in negative energy. Trauma can cause timeline jumping.

Peanut and jelly as well as water for hiking.

Even you do something all the time, do assume you will get the same outcome.

When you change a timeline and you have a thought, and the thought is true, as you switch timeline, it is likely to be true.

Matt Damon movie, Adjustment Bureau, is about timeline jumping.

Merle Streep sucked dick and sacrificed kids to get work.

When you level up, it is a different level of perception.

Blocked from your success, if you hold anger against someone else. Don’t attach to people who aggravate you. Detach and separate yourself.


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