Time to establish Space Force – Donald Trump

Washington: US Vice President Mick Pence says the time for the formation of a space force for the new battlefield, which will be completed by 2020.

Vice President Mick Pence, speaking at the Ministry of Defense, said that time has come,In the history of their armed forces, launching a more powerful chapter, the space force should be formed to defeat the new generation’s threats. The Vice President of the United States says, United states will invest more than $ 8 billion in the US space security system in the next 5 years of reimbursement of the demand made by the Donald Trump 2 months ago, when a system will be developed under the project which will never be jam.

Vice President Mike Pence says, The space force is necessary against Russia and china, Because these two countries are rapidly moving toward satellite capabilities and very soon they get their satellite close to our satellite which is dangerous for our system, which never happens before. After Mike Pence speech, President Trump confirmed in his tweet that Space force is going to established and this is the the challenge for us.

Be Clear two months ago, under the new challenges of the world, American President Donald Trump Β ordered the formation of a space force. Trump also says that america will lead in space as well and any others leadership accept in space. China and Russia capabilities is unbearable and we will be in space before China and Russia.


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