The Veil (2016) movie review

Thursday, November 7, 2019

This afternoon, I watched the movie, The Veil, on the indie channel. It is about a cult, started by Jim Jacobs, where he started a cult, and brainwashed them into committing suicide together. They used a lethal injection, the same one that is used on death row inmates, but he had the antidote injection to come back within sixty minutes. On March 23, 1985, everyone in the cult was injected, including the kids. But one five-year-old girl had somehow survived. In this film, she leads a film crew working on a documentary about this cult to the location. The only familiar celebrity in this film is Jessica Alba.

This movie reminded me of The Blair Witch Project, but The Veil takes place mostly at the cult camp area, which looks like a rundown and abandoned property with an old wooden house and gated location. But this movie is about a weird cult leader and his brainwashed victims. The five-year-old survivor is now an adult, and she has flashbacks of the cult leader and the mass murder. It is like there is a ghost, haunted the property and trying to scare off unwelcomed visitors.

I have heard about many cults like that in the 70s and 80s. I remember one cult involved the cult leader persuading his members to commit suicide together, and a UFO will take them to Heaven or to another world. I thought it was weird, when I first heard about it on TV. It also involved a mass suicide pact, and the leader did a video with a message for whoever finds their dead bodies.


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