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The Mask

If there is one movie I can watch over and over is “The Mask” starring Jim Carrey. It is hilarious and just plain fun. Jim Carrey gives the leading character Stanley Ipkiss real personality. Poor Stanley is a timid bank clerk for whom life just doesn’t offer much. He lives in Edge City in an apartment with a dog called Milo. Now Milo himself was a great actor and even got to try on the mask himself. Anyway, the way Carrey portrays Stanley is that he makes you feel sorry for him and he is so handsome that in real life I think any woman would want to take him and cuddle him. He is the ever wanting to be a hero type who always seems to fail. As amazing as it might seem this year was the 25th anniversary of this movie.

Then one night as Stanley’s car breaks down for the umpteenth time. He is walking across a bridge when he thinks he sees a body in the river below. Well, our hero just jumps into action and plunges in to save the poor guy. It turns out to be just a mask. Next thing you know Stanley takes the mask home and as he holds it up against his face the mask wraps around him He becomes The Mask with an alarming but unusually handsome green face. The Mask can do most anything and is an outgoing personality which Stanley is not.

Suddenly Stanley discovers that in the mask he becomes a supernatural playboy with lots of charm and confidence. He catches the eye of a local nightclub singer at the Coco Bongo nightclub Tina Carlyle portrayed by Cameron Diaz. Unfortunately for Stanley as The Mask he also robs a bank and makes an enemy of crime lord Dorian Tyrell played by Peter Greene who also happens to be Tina’s guy. Well, the police start to think that Stanley is The Mask and Dorian wants to get the mask for himself. Anyway, lots of fun is had by all when the chasing and shooting begins. You’ll have to see the movie to find out how it all ends. I have included a YouTube video of one of the funniest scenes in the movie where Stanley as The Mask sings “The Cuban Pete” song and gets all of the cops to dance and sing along. This is really a movie worth watching especially if you want to get into a great mood.

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