The Last Druid of the Old Gaelic Order

Friday, 11.1.19

Since last night was Halloween, I thought this video would be interesting. It is about the last druid, an Irishman, Ben McBrady, of the old Gaelic Order. His ancestors belonged to a secret order. He was trained to be in the order at 12 by his uncle. He finished training at 30.

They interpenetrated society, which is probably like infiltrated society. They are threatened by telepathic people.

His order was into astronomy because they believed it helps them predict environmental conditions so that they protect themselves for harsh situations.

Irish druids worshipped the red god, the god of the sunset.

St. Patrick’s supposedly went to Ireland to teach them about Catholicism, but he seems to be unsure about the actually time when St. Patrick arrived in Ireland. The time scale was wrong, and lots of information was meddled with.

There were conflicts between paganism and Christianity.

Druids had small temples for sun worship.

Priest bloodlines ruled the order.

There will never an end to evil, greed, and wars. Man will destroy himself via his own destructive ways and depopulation agenda.

A balance needs to be created between order and disorder.

This information sounds very current, similar to the Vatican, Jesuits, Illuminati, and Freemasonry.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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