The Kepler Track New Zealand Trail

Thursday, September 9, 2021

At 10:10 am, I drove out to the South Coast Metro gym. It was a nice drive under sunny skies.

On the treadmill, I walked the New Zealand map trail of the Kepler Track. I walked for 3.79 hilly miles for 56 minutes. But I reduced the speed from 4.5 to 4-4.1 speed because 4 speed is my normal and natural brisk walking speed. I burned 635 calories.

Then, I rode the stationary bicycle leisurely for 25 minutes. I ended up riding for 3.58 miles, burning only 58 calories. I burned 692 calories in total, and doing 7.37 miles in total.

I googled Kepler Track in New Zealand on the internet to check out the area I walked on the treadmill map. Nice hiking area. I would rather walk it in real life than treadmill version. On the treadmill, I felt walking this steep uphill area for a couple of minutes. It was kind of tiring. But in real life, you can just stop and enjoy the view….


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