Thanksgiving Day 2021 Morning Hike

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Today, I started my morning with Trader Joe’s Autumn coffee with vegan coconut creamer and my vitamins. I fed Gumby. Then, I swished coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes, while changing my clothes and getting ready for a two-hour walking meetup. While walking on the trail and meditating on the native plants’ textures and warm-toned  colors, I decided to do a short video for a sample of my meditative nature walk.

Thanksgiving Day morning hike at Sand Canyon Trail, in Irvine, California, between Spectrum and Turtle Rock Community. This video is very meditative, just watching the trees swaying from the cool and fresh windy weather, fanning me as I walk under the bright Southern California sunshine.

I walked 5.8 miles, 12,056 steps and 4 floors on this local Sand Canyon Trail.

By noon, I was back home, eating my vegan lunch–kale salad and hot cacao drink for Thanksgiving.


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