Take the Emerald City Oz Fashion Yoworld Challenge

Wednesday, 6.9.21

The newest theme in Yoworld is the Wizard of Oz Emerald City Theme, where Dorothy has now inherited or gifted the Wicked Witch’s castle by the Flying Monkeys after she melted her. The Flying Monkeys are now free from being the Witch’s Slaves, moved into retirement in the Oz countryside. 

My two Yoworld avatars have dressed for the summertime Emerald City Park Picnic. 

The first avatar has a higher score of 4.3/5.8 from challenge contest votes. She is fashionable dressed in a trendy white blouse and skirt, fluffy faux fur pink jacket, and a matching pink booties with faux fur trim. Her accessories include colorful swirl lollipop earrings, Emerald City Green sunglasses, a white courage pendant necklace behind the fries, purple choker, Yobucks Coffee, Crispy Fries, and Purple Bow headband. She appears to be single and free, enjoying her life as an independent woman.

The second avatar has a 3.9/5.8 score, which is much lower than the first one. This second avatar is married to a musician who likes to serenade her. They have a little girl together, and bunch of pets, but only two of their dogs are here with them. She is dressed in a trendy peach blouse, matching booties with white faux fur trim, blue fluffy faux fur jacket,  and white skirt. Her accessories include Emerald City Green sunglasses, colorful swirl lollipop earrings, gold charm bracelet, gold watch, blue bow headband, courage pendant necklace because she is fearless, peach choker,, little doggie in its purse, and another doggie wearing a doggie sweater. 

Which outfit do your prefer? They are similar, but different color and each avatar has a different lifestyle. 


What do you think?

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