Superbowl 2020 Halftime Symbolism

Saturday, March 12, 2022

This video explains that this year’s Superbowl was predictive programming about Ukraine situation. The symbolism was subtle, which is why I didn’t really know what they were promoting in the halftime party scene chaos. Snoop Dogg was wearing blue and yellow, which is also the Rams’ team colors as well as the Ukraine flag colors. It was predicted and rigged that Rams would win, in which the other team let Rams win the game because it was a part of the program.

When I was watching the Superbowl halftime show this year, I remember the field was decorated like the downtown area of the hood, and different rapper was singing on each block. None of the symbolism stuck out for me. But I remember by the end of the game, the other team gave in and let the Rams win. So, it was like it was rigged that the Rams would win. 

But I wasn’t even thinking about Ukraine, even though Ukraine flag colors were the same as Rams’ team colors, and Snoop Dogg was promoting the colors for both Rams and Ukraine. 


What do you think?

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