Stumbled Upon a Message…

Tuesday, 8.10.21

Another walking meetup evening. I walked to the UTC to meet the others. While waiting for the rest to show up, I watched some Youtube videos on my iPhone. I noticed a small card with a message on the ground. Someone’s discarded mini card was meant for me to pick up. 

On the front cover, there is “CARPE DIEM.” I opened the small flap, and noticed there is a quote by Wayne Dyer, which says “Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” I think I stumbled upon this card by accident to remind me to make most of the present because who knows what the future will hold.

 By 6:30 pm, 6 people showed up. We walked through the UCI campus. The weather was nice and breezy that it felt more like springtime. I returned home at 8:30 pm. 

I noticed I walked 4.7 miles, 11 floors, and 11,678 steps. It was a relaxing walk because of the cool breeze but warm weather. 


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