Star Trek Wars – 8

Those who hail Discovery are reviled by Trekkers.   Arguments explode, insults are exchanged, and those STD (Star Trek Discovery) fans seems as fey with Star Trek as someone who had never seen a single episode.

Many Trekkers are not going to watch STD.  

They find no reason to argue, discuss, explain.  Some had done so during the 1st season.   They witnessed the firing of two show runners,  saw the introduction of Captain Pike and Spock during the 2nd season.

Now that Spock and Pike are gone and the basic STD crew are holding the show, they are no longer interested.   It is a waste of eyesight.

A new series, Picard, will arrive shortly, which will gather them.   Many are enjoying The Orville, which although not Star Trek is more Star Trek than STD.

If there are enough STD fans, then the show will continue.   If there are not, this Third Season will be the last.

For Trekkers, it isn’t ‘wait and see’, for they’ve already turned the channel.


What do you think?


Written by Tall Awah

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