Star Trek Discovery – Off the Grid – 6

When one wants to do a sequel, reboot, or version of a show, it is necessary to know that show.   To know the characters, the purposes, the outlook, etc.    The show needs to ‘feel like’ it’s parent.

The Orville,  created by Seth McFarlane, an admitted Trekker, is more Star Trek than Discovery.  

This is because he understood Gene Roddenberry’s base;  ‘everyone gets along’.  

There is a chemistry between the characters; whether it is just acting or that they do get along, the viewer is made to feel that these people on the Orville care about each other and are interested in whatever mission they have to do.

Star Trek Discovery is a cold, dark environment in which the first season was watched out of loyalty to Star Trek more than for itself.

Those who wanted to champion STD ignored the fact that two show runners were fired and replaced.

They don’t notice  a hurried attempt to regain Roddenberry’s base had the introduction of two known characters,  Captain Pike and Spock.    

The  ice cold characters of Season One were changed into those  that can show emotion, a few tears here and there, and compassion, as if  we wouldn’t notice the change.  


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