Springtime in Yoworld 2022

Saturday, 4.9.22

Springtime 2022 in Yoworld continues with the Pixies and Fairies. Challenge 3 involves pixie outfits. Since I have two avatars, I created to pixie outfits.

Yoworld’s April 2022 Challenge 3 is a fashion outfit, inspired by pixie flowers. It got 3.8/5.8. It is set in the Undergrove Forest at a Fairy Meadow. This pointy-eared and pink-haired pixie wears a cute dress and platform boots in peach, as well as peach vine hosiery and arm gloves. She holds her peach-framed sunglasses in her right hand, along with her cute sheep doll, watermelon purse, 50mm camera, and cucumber drink. She also wears a butterfly hairpiece that ties with a lovely purple bow at the back. She wears makeup to bring out her pixie features.

The 2nd Pixie Flowers outfit received 3.7; it is similar but with different details. She also has pink hair but her hairstyle is different. She wears a different hairpiece. Her makeup is different. She has the same outfit, but in different colors. She carries her white purse, coffee drink, and watering can.

Moreover, it is that time of year again. Spring cleaning on myself. I need a haircut and color my roots. I am planning on getting a pixie haircut this time, but I need a change from a bob. But I will color my roots with henna, not pink hair. 


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