Spiritual War & Insights Cont. 4.2.20

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Pile 1: Justice and luck; waiting for something to conclude. Between now and December 2021, money. Restructure on something you had to do. Postponement. Do something fun for distraction. Look out of the box. Do something fun, and rethink on doing stuff differently. Contract. You need to rewrite your novel or book in order to make sense. Choice between two lovers. Someone is watching you. Step back and say, “what is right for me, will come to me.” open the door and be flexible.

Pile 2: indecisive and seeking guidance. Busy with family matters. You might need to take care of someone. No agreement in the family who should handle this issue. So, you have to step forward to do things. Your partner doesn’t want you to make decisions. Someone you love doesn’t want you to speak up.

Pile 3: go inward and focus on oneself to be strong. Information coming to you within two month and you should be quiet within these two months. You will experience a change after two months. Save yourself by seeing the truth. Someone caught their partner doing something. See things differently in your relationship.


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