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Song of the Day ~ Big & Rich – California

I want to get back into reviewing musicians and songs, so I thought I would start with reviewing this song.

I am not really a fan of Big & Rich’s music, but I do enjoy this song. The singer has a smooth voice that works very nicely with the song while I feel on other songs it isn’t as good.

I also really enjoy the beat of song, and the melody.  The beginning feels like it’s the start to a rock song, but then you hear the Country feel of it.  I guess you could call it Country Rock.

The song overall is really well done, I give them points for that.  It may be the only song I listen to from them, but it definitely is a gem.

I’ll just share the chorus with you here:

“Cuz she’s in love with California
And that west coast sunshine dream
These ain’t no Hollywoods
And these hills ain’t Beverly
Ain’t no beaches on these backroads
No sunset on the boulevard
She’s in love with California
And breakin’ my heart”

Do you like the song?  How about Big and Rich?  What song from them is your favorite? I would love to hear!


What do you think?


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