Soap Opera – 5

Paula Lambert continued to play the role of  Freddie, boring, good girl, Freddie.

Paula had met and  began dating one of the camera men.  It was six months later they married.   As the character of Freddie and the plot lines were limited, there were weeks in which she had nothing to do… maybe a walk on…maybe a guest at a party, but few lines, if any, and maybe one day of shooting a week.

As Paula was not a ‘real’ actress,  that is, she had no ambition to go to Hollywood or Broadway,  it was fine.  This lack of screen time gave her more time to focus on her husband.    

During the days when she was not needed she would drive to town with her husband, leave him at the studio and spend the day visiting museums, watching movies, meeting friends.  She would meet her husband at the studio when his day was done and they would go for dinner, then home.

It was a pleasant life.  An easy no pressure life where she and her husband had time together without stress.


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