Soap Opera – 11 – (end)

The Soap Opera was receiving awards, and Paula, who had come on as a temporary character, had become the longest serving cast member.

Over the years her salary had increased, she’d made wise investments. She lived a fine life with a husband and now grown son.

Her life was pleasant and easy.  

Yes, ‘Freddie’  (the character she played on the soap) would be recognised when she went shopping or out to dinner, but it wasn’t that kind of frenzy, there weren’t armies of paparazzi lurking.

Tonight, when the Award was given she was asked to accept it and make a speech, which she didn’t want to do.

What could she say?  

She was on this soap because she really wasn’t an actress?  

She was on this soap because all those ‘stars that never were’  had left it, and she had stayed.   Paula had stayed because there was no reason to leave.  


She stand in front of the audience and thank the loyalty of the fans and smile and leave the stage.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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