Sloan Channels Brittany Murphy

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sloan Bella channels Brittany Murphy-Monjack.

She was a very shy girl as a kid. Her mother is very dominant, influencing and directing her to pursue her performing career. She had a strong connection to her mother. But Brittany was insecure and sensitive, and she wanted people to like her.

Her relationship with Ashton Kushner fucked her up because she really thought he loved her. They were opposites, but Ashton always got his way. But he blind-sighted her.

Brittany was eating mints, but covered with chemicals, which killed her. It appears she was poisoned. Her husband died in the same way.

Her mother knows Brittany’s husband from before, and she had set her daughter up with people for extra money. (it sounds like her mother was her pimp, and Brittany was like an escort). The wealthy older man, who Brittany met and went out with, knew Brittany’s future husband Monjack, and the mother set up Brittany with Monjack through the interaction with the older wealthy man that Brittany went out with for money.

She was working on a project during the end of her life. She was researching and watching something. Her and her husband were working on this political project. The mother was involved in the project. The mother knows exactly what happened, but cannot talk about it. (I remember her and her husband was supporting a female whistleblower named Davis, who was exposing something the government was doing in the media).

Her marriage was a business deal, in which Monjack was in it for the money. (I think most celebrity marriages are bullshit and set up for image, publicity, media promotion, and their career). 

(wow, this is heavy shit. It sounds like a novel).

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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